Dedicated to encouraging and funding innovative and challenging ideas and projects.

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About Us
Mission & Goals
Board of Trustees

Mission & Goals

Our Mission
The Education Foundation of the Paramus Regional Chamber of Commerce is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to encouraging and funding innovative and challenging ideas and projects amongst Paramus students and teachers. The Foundation was formed in 1995, is non-political and operates independently of the Paramus Board of Education. Deserving grant recipients are recognized at the Annual Dream Awards Gala.

Who Directs The Foundation?
The Foundation is managed and directed by a board of trustees. They represent many aspects of Paramus cultural, civic, corporate and educational leadership. The Paramus Public Schools Superintendent and the President of the Chamber of Commerce sit as permanent ex-officio trustees. However, the vast majority of the trustees are not directly connected with the Paramus schools. They are citizens who are interested and committed to the betterment of education.

Our Goals
The Foundation was created to promote, through corporate and private funding, excellence in education and to provide our schools with resources to reach beyond the limitations of the school budget. The goals of the Foundation are to encourage teachers and students to pursue innovative and creative ideas and projects.  It is the intention of the Foundation to provide support in the following areas:

  • To encourage teachers and students to pursue innovative and creative ideas and projects.
  • To promote corporate and community awareness of educational challenges and solutions
  • To encourage collaboration of all corporate resources available with the Paramus schools.
  • To foster the development of Alumni relations
  • To provide a vehicle for individuals to share resources and gifts with the schools.

What Is A Grant & Who Makes The Decision?
Teachers and their students apply for grants each year. Grants applications for projects are reviewed by the teacher’s principal, school department supervisor, and the superintendent or assistant superintendent of schools, and then reviewed and approved by the Education Foundation’s Board of Trustees. The Foundation awards grants to applicants whose projects are exceptional, innovative, original, and which clearly enhance the quality of education in Paramus schools.  Deserving grant recipients are recognized at an annual “Dream Awards” gala.

What Kinds Of Projects Are Funded?
The Foundation will award grants to deserving projects which actively involve and stimulate students and which can be replicated or shared throughout our schools. Among the areas that will be considered for grants are:

  • Multicultural Studies
  • Math and Science Projects
  • Whole Language Programs
  • Foreign Language Enrichment
  • Environmental Studies
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Art, Theater, Music and Literature
  • Technology

How Does The Foundation Raise Funds?
The business community and individuals who live in the Greater Paramus area help ensure that the tradition of excellence in education continues by their support of major events, corporate sponsorships, and private donations.

  • Paramus Triathlon – This sprint Triathlon allows individuals and relay teams to show off their mettle in the water, on a bike and on the road with all proceeds contributed directly to the Education Foundation. This event is held in early summer.
  • Taste of Paramus – Paramus area restaurants offer tastes of their very best food and beverage samples with proceeds contributed to the Education Foundation Fund. This event is held in early spring.
  • Mini Golf Outing – Area residents and businesses enjoy a day of mini golf at the Paramus Municipal Golf Course with proceeds contributed to the Education Foundation Fund. This event is held in early summer.
  • Dream Awards Gala – Past year’s grant recipients are honored and current year’s grant recipients are announced. Additionally the Education Foundation Board of Trustees honors several community or business leaders for their exceptional contribution to education with a Life Achievement Award. This event is held in October.
  • Advertising Journal – Business and community members have an opportunity to contribute and be recognized at the Dream Awards Gala.

You Can Help
In order to provide opportunities for educational excellence and creativity the Education Foundation needs great support from the entire community. Parents, alumni, businesses, and other Paramus area residents can help insure that the tradition of excellence continues.

  •     Attend Events
  •     Spread The Word
  •     Solicit Donations
  •     Personal Donations

In addition to cash, contributions to the Foundation may take the form of securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and life insurance policies. Contributions may be made through wills, bequests and personal property, gifts in kind and other deferred gifts. All gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. It is important to note that many corporations will match the gifts of their employees. Pledges to the Foundation may be paid over a three year period.

Invest In A Dream
There are few investments that will yield a greater return than the investment in our children. Through the generous donations of Paramus residents, local businesses, and Paramus alumni, the Paramus Education Foundation of the Paramus Regional Chamber of Commerce has raised more than $527,973.31 to support innovative and creative classroom projects and enrich the learning experience of hundreds of Paramus students.